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8 Point Software LLC is owned and operated by Corey Lasley, more-or-less as a hobby (or as a nights and weekends side business.) Corey's professional resume includes over 14 years of software and web application development experience. Corey is a Microsoft Certified Professional Developer (SharePoint 2010) who works almost exclusively with Microsoft technologies (.NET, SQL Server, SharePoint). In 2010 during a period working with a less popular platform, known as Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009, Corey maintained a blog featuring how-to’s related to problems & solutions that (at the time) were not found elsewhere on the web.

Despite Corey’s professional career being entirely technical, Corey enjoys the less technical side of life as well. Living in the country, Corey enjoys the challenges of self-sufficiency (where possible), basic agriculture and forestry, offroading, hunting, and fishing. Corey’s clientele within this side business over the years has almost exclusively revolved around outdoors industry related clients (predominantly taxidermists) which had led to the development of Taxidermy software (still under development) which gave birth to the name “8 Point Software”, 8 Point representing a typical “8 Point Buck.”